There exists in the world of Len and Cathy Kuipers a peaceful balance. It radiates through their own home, a majestic timber frame overlooking Presqu'ile Bay; it shines in the homes they design and build for their customers; and it blooms in their three daughters Tyley, Kaitlyn and Jordan.  The four women in Len's life are also all professionals in their own right.  Married for close to 30 years, Len and Cathy are both local to the Brighton area. Cathy grew up in the town while Len was raised in nearby Carrying Place. Both come from solid Dutch families.

Len fondly reminisces about playing in his grandfather's barn as a child and climbing across the big timber beams in the hayloft. His early love of architecture and timber construction never waned.  His father owned a concrete construction business and Len worked for him summers during school and then for a few years after graduating.   In the winter when concrete work was scarce, Len's father built houses with Len at his side.

By 1987, Len and Cathy were starting their own life together and felt that it was time to grow a business along with the family. Now he and Cathy own Len Kuipers Construction Ltd (aka Len Kuipers Homes) and specialize in custom home building.  If there were a trademark throughout the myriad homes Len has designed, it would be the character.

Blending family, faith, strengths and talents has placed Len Kuipers Homes squarely in the forefront of the Canadian building industry, yet Len and Cathy offset national recognition with a commitment to local clientele.

The Kuipers are understandably proud of their success of over 25 years, and know that it stems from building homes for families just like theirs, for people who started out with a modest home and, over the years through hard work, personal sacrifice and good management, were able to build the home of their dreams.  At the core of their business philosophy, they know that a home doesn't have to be extravagant to be well done.  Balance and proportion are equally important in any sized home.

Early on in their business, Len and Cathy developed a methodology when working with prospective homeowners. They employ a steadfast rule to identify and respect each client's individual comfort zone, including budget and knowledge, and recognize that most people aren't familiar with the process, terms and regulations of designing and building a home.  It takes a lot of energy. They give their clients a lot of time, a lot of help and try very hard to develop a personal relationship with them as people.  We want our clients to have the home they want.

"I love starting with just a concept.  One of my favourite times during the entire building process is when I'm with the client on a vacant piece of property. I'm standing in the grass visualizing and interpreting the client's dreams and ideas while guiding them in the process of creating their exceptional living space and personal surroundings."